School Masters


All of our Masters have extensive TaeKwonDo training — a Master is a 4th Dan (degree) Black Belt or Higher — and many years of experience as instructors. They work with each and every student to help them maximize their potential and continue to improve in their training.

GM lee (2).jpg

Grand Master Won Hee Lee, Owner

Master Lee's favorite part of teaching martial arts revolves around the student-teacher relationship. Most of his entire life has been dedicated to martial arts; while training in multiple martial arts, he has mastered them all. Even though he has achieved so much he must always continue to train and better himself, and so part of his teaching method involves training with his students. He loves working together, sweating together and achieving great things together.

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Grand Master Eun Jung Shin, Owner

Due to her extensive commitment and dedication to the art of Taekwondo, Master Shin received a full scholarship throughout high school and college. Master Shin's greatest lesson learned in life is “If you wish for it and work hard toward your goal, you will eventually achieve it.” Having specialized in Olympic-style sparring, she gained entry into a professional team. She loves teaching because it is so rewarding to see her student's efforts and triumphs.

sebastian arnold.jpg

Master Sebastian Arnold, Staff

A White Plains native, Master Arnold has been training in Taekwondo for nearly 20 years, and achieved the rank of Master in June of 2017. His favorite part of teaching is seeing his students achieve their goals and helping them to set new ones. “Hard work, perseverance, and commitment are the keys to success, and taekwondo is the perfect way to learn all of those qualities.”

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Master James Park, Staff

Master Park can be found at our Nanuet dojang every day.

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Master Ruthie Kuhn, Staff

Master Kuhn has been training in taekwondo for more than ten years, and specializes in helping to welcome and acclimate new martial artists to the White Plains dojang! Her favorite aspect of taekwondo is that it can be adapted to suit anyone, regardless of their lifestyle, age, or ability.