Not only do we offer classes for all ages and experience levels, we also have multiple program options for length of commitment as well as specialized instruction for additional skills.


Little Tigers (Ages 3-6)

30 Minute Classes for our Youngest Students

Our Little Tigers classes are designed to be the perfect first steps for students ages three to six. We introduce beginning concepts of respect, self-control, and perseverance, along with the first forms they’ll need to know as they prepare to move up into Children’s class. Our Little Tigers class is always high-energy, educational, and fun!

Children (Ages 7-12)

45 Minute Classes, Divided by Belt Level

Children’s classes include students with a range of experience, from martial artists taking their very first class all the way up to Black Belts! There are multiple classes each day of the week for varying levels, so there are always options for your schedule. Children’s class continues to emphasize respect, self-control, and perseverance, along with strength and conditioning.

Adult (Ages 13 and Up)

45-60 Minute Classes, Any Experience Level

Like Children’s classes, Adult classes encompass martial artists from No Belts to Black Belts, but all Adult classes are open to all experience levels! Instructors will modify exercises as needed to suit each individual student, and adult students will find that their classmates are always willing — and happy — to provide extra help when needed.

Family Classes (All Ages)

45-60 Minute Classes for the Whole Family

We have many families with multiple generations training here at Hwa-Rang Taekwondo. Family class is an awesome opportunity for parent and child (or grandparent and grandchild!) to train together.


One Year Membership

Our minimum membership — 12 months of our awesome taekwondo classes, two times per week!

Black Belt Program

A three-year program to take students from beginner to black belt. Black Belt Program students attend classes three times per week and receive a special uniform.

Leadership Program

Five years of unlimited classes, including special Leadership-only and invitational classes. Leadership Program students receive a special uniform and are able to perform on the school Demo Team.

After School Program

White Plains Only. School pickup is available from many local schools. Students will have time to do their homework and will attend taekwondo class. Flexible scheduling!


Weapons Seminars

White Plains Only. We offer three-month Jang Bong courses in which students learn to fight with a long staff.

Meditation Class

White Plains Only. Adult students learn and practice bowing meditation and other techniques in a calm, quiet atmosphere.

Sparring (Invitational)

Though our regular program does incorporate sparring, Leadership students are also offered exclusive sparring classes several times per week.

Private Instruction

While we encourage our students to take part in our regular group classes, private instruction can be arranged on a short- or long-term basis.